Submissions – poetry for MultiVerse


Send us your time travelling tanka, scientific sonnet, robotic rondel, high-tech haiku, alien acrostics and futuristic free verse.

We’re looking for science fiction poems to publish in MultiVerse, the sci-fi poetry section of Shoreline of Infinity.

Previous poets featured in MultiVerse include Iain M Banks, Ken MacLeod, Marge Simon and Jane Yolen. We publish two poets per issue. We’re looking for poems that whiz and bang with unique voices and ideas, and quality writing is paramount to us.

To get an idea of what Shoreline of Infinity is looking for, please consider purchasing and reading previous issues of Shoreline of Infinity. It is available in printed and digital versions.

Every poet published will receive a printed edition of the issue of Shoreline of Infinity in which their poems appear.

And to get you in the mood, here are a few sci-fi poetry tasters:

Hear a variety of sci-fi poems performed on Amazing Stories.

Edwin Morgan – First Men on Mercury

Claire Askew – I am the moon and you are the man on me

Russell Jones – Girl.drm

Teri Truslow – Terrunform

Essays on sci-fi poetry, with poems by Edwin Morgan and Sarah Westcott.

To submit your poems, please use this form only – poems sent by other means may get lost in the contorted bowels of the subterranean caverns of our email system.

We do accept previously published poems but ask that you request permission/details from the prior publisher.

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